• Watch the inspiring video.

    Our first ZWZ Caterer talks about their path to sustainability, how it creates value for their business and the community that we live in.

  • You can help!

    We throw out enough aluminum each year in the U.S. to rebuild all commercial airplanes in the world 4x over! 900,000+ restaurants in the U.S. can make a big difference by recycling.

  • Video: Laura Turner Seydel talks about ZWZ

    Hear from Zero Waste Zones supporter Laura Turner Seydel as she talks about her sustainability commitments to Atlanta and why she is enthusiastic about what Zero Waste Zones is doing!

  • How closely do you monitor foodwaste?

    LeanPath and Zero Waste Zones are helping restaurants like you save money, fight waste, and engage employees.

  • Turn out the lights!

    Don't worry if your staff forgets to turn out the lights and let occupancy sensors do the work!

Atlanta's Business-Savvy Conservation Program

You know how to run your businesses, but do you know how to make it more environmentally sustainable? The Zero Waste Zones (ZWZ) program is here to help. The ZWZ program is a voluntary, business-to-business environmental effort in four designated zones: Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, and the Atlanta airport. Why "zones"? These business-dense areas create route density for recycling haulers and helps control transport costs for all participants.

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